Scheduling is uniquely well-suited for a human-and-software approach to problem solving. On the one hand, scheduling is made of discrete parameters that software can track. On the other hand, scheduling requires context and information about relationships. And humans are certainly better at being considerate and communicative than machines. We’ve always focused on scheduling, but not just because we get excited about how we can handle it. We’re working on scheduling because it’s an ongoing and important responsibility at work.


Now, we’re doing more to support the most impactful way Clara has been used by teams: coordinating interviews and providing a seamless candidate experience. Clara can help growing teams manage their process, optimize their workday, and devote more time to connecting with candidates.


Use Clara throughout your recruiting workflows.


Whether you work at a staffing agency, inside a corporate recruiting group, or you’re an entrepreneur building a team, Clara can help. We’re offering features and integrations that will make it easy for you to gain speed and efficiency — from prospecting, to candidate screens, to hiring manager introductions, and on-site interviews. And at each of these phases of your candidate pipeline, Clara will give you an unprecedented level of data and insight, so you can continue to improve throughput and hire faster.


In our commitment to supporting recruiting workflows, we’re excited to announce 3 new integrations that are available today:

Scheduling communication from Clara stays in the Greenhouse activity feed


  • Greenhouse — Recruiters using Greenhouse can bring Clara into their workflow without leaving the activity feed. Clara will schedule interviews directly from Greenhouse, while still giving recruiters control and comprehensive visibility into candidate communications.


  • Zoom — Clara can incorporate custom Zoom conference links into calendar invitations for candidates and interviewers. With all the details organized right in the calendar, remote interviews can get started fuss-free.


  • Microsoft Office 365 — Now teams that use Office 365 can get scheduling support from Clara. This integration includes many of the features supported in our G Suite integration, including prospecting outreach, automated intake scheduling, nimble rescheduling, and coordination when it’s time for a candidate and interviewer to connect.



Clara provides custom Zoom links


Improve pipeline velocity without sacrificing experience.


Coordinators spend 60–90% of their time on scheduling. We get excited thinking about what elsethey can be doing with that time, like coaching candidates through the process and connecting with hiring managers to understand their needs. And because Clara is always on and always available, it can handle last-minute rescheduling and late-night communication without keeping coordinators glued to their inbox.


With Clara in your recruiting workflow, your growing team can focus on adopting the best recruiting methods in your industry and ensuring you don’t lose top candidates to a prolonged process. On average, each recruiter using Clara saves an average of 5 hours a week. Let Clara free up your team’s time and your own. And we’ll keep building the features and integrations that will ensure — no matter what your recruiting workflow is — Clara will help you grow.


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