Contributed by Tim Sackett


We’re thrilled to have this guest post from HR expert Tim Sackett. As we focus on building a full-funnel scheduling service for recruiters, we’ve learned a lot from his perspective. Tim has spent decades helping growing teams build nimble, fruitful recruiting programs.


You’re not as effective as you could be right now. If you’re like me, you might blame some external constraints: your tech, your boss, your company, your co-workers. It’s easy to blame others for our inefficiencies, but what I’ve found as I work with talent acquisition departments and TA leaders from all over is that most of us fall into some inefficiency traps. So I’ve got some fixes…heck, I wrote an entire book called “The Talent Fix!” I want to give you three things you can start doing to increase your capacity immediately:


1. Give Your Candidates a Gift


We as TA pros waste unnecessary time dealing with candidates we’ll never hire by telling ourselves we are doing this for “candidate experience”. You know what sucks as a candidate? Being led on by a company that isn’t going to hire you! If you know you won’t hire a candidate, let them down fast, but professionally.


“Look, Charlie, I’m going to level with you. I don’t see you as a fit for our culture/position/organization. This doesn’t say anything about you, it says a lot about us and how we are looking for something very specific. Thank you for your time and professionalism. We will not be moving forward with you.”


This is short and sweet and 99% of candidates will get the “gift” of being able to move on and find the job and the company that does want the unique gifts they have to offer. This isn’t being mean to a candidate or providing a poor candidate experience. You’re helping them, and you’re saving yourself time, because you won’t have to respond to this candidate every time they contact you, thinking they have a shot. They don’t.


Clara can coordinate between the hiring manager and the candidate


2. Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle


I don’t set up interviews with hiring managers for candidates. I’ve found that the majority of hiring managers and candidates find it annoying that I’m stuck in the middle when two adults just need a quick thirty-second conversation to align their schedule. Or, maybe even use technology to do this!


We like to think setting up interviews provides a great service for hiring managers, but it doesn’t. It’s a really inefficient process when there are so many people involved. Any hiring manager will be able to see this if you explain the process inefficiencies.


3. Stop Starting from Scratch


Here’s how we go about filling most new job openings: The hiring manager informs us they need to hire. We get the job description and information. We post the job everywhere. We wait for candidates to apply. We screen applicants. We pass these onto the hiring manager and await further instructions.


Every. time. we. do. this.


Add one additional step to this process before you post the job. Go into your ATS database and send a quick mass email to each candidate in the database that meets the requirements of the job (if you have the tech, also send a quick text message!). We spend an enormous amount of resources building our ATS database, then we ignore it even though it’s filled with candidates who have applied and said “I love you! I want to come work for you!”


Our first step should be to find talent starts in our own database, not out in the wild where the fresh meat is looking. If your ATS sucks at search, there are many new technologies on the market labeled as “talent rediscovery” that will reach into your database and do this for you.


So, there’s three. The reality is, if you really dig into how you’re doing what you do, you can probably come up with a hundred improvements to make your recruiting more efficient. The key is to look at your processes, not as the one who built and owns them, but always through the lens of constant improvement.


I don’t have a set recruiting process in my shop. I have a process I’m constantly testing to make better. We try stuff. If it works, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we end that test and try something else. The most effective recruiting shops in the world are effective not because they have the best process, but because they continually improve their process!


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