When I first applied for a job at Clara Labs, I hadn’t used the service yet. It sounded promising, and the team members I had met were great. However, I didn’t want to let myself get lured in by promises about machine learning and the future of work—I wanted to make sure it could help real people dealing with real problems, today. So, my goals for the interview process were twofold: find out if the job was right for me, but also figure out if the product was the real deal.


After applying and exchanging some emails, I got an email from Vanessa, the Head of Marketing, asking to meet for coffee. I agreed, and she copied Clara on our email thread, asking her to find time for us to meet.


Not only did Clara respond promptly (five minutes from when Vanessa requested the meeting!), but it also suggested a specific meeting place in the neighborhood (specifically, the location Vanessa had chosen for “coffee meetings” in her Clara preferences). It certainly wasn’t obvious that Clara was part algorithm, part human—if I hadn’t known that, I would’ve thought I was being emailed by a real person.


Unfortunately, though, life happened and our coffee meeting had to be rescheduled. As a candidate, cancelled interviews are always a little nerve racking. Did they change their mind about me? Did a better candidate come along? Should I even bother continuing on with the process? But those worries were quieted by the email I got from Clara—it was apologetic, warm, and, most importantly, human.



I happened to be on my email at the time and responded to Clara, letting it know that I wasn’t free at those times, but that there were a few times the following day I was free. Clara got back to me in four minutes (four minutes!) confirming that Vanessa was available and updated the previous calendar invite.


And, with that, my skepticism about Clara quickly faded. Clara was fast, responsive, and warm—it gave me the peace of mind that I was being taken care of. This was, most definitely, the real deal.


In case you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’m writing this article, the coffee chat went well. Next, Vanessa set up time for me to talk with Maran Nelson, co-founder and CEO at Clara Labs. I didn’t know at the time, but she had Clara coordinate it, even though she didn’t need to be in the interview. With a quick email, Vanessa told Clara that she needed to set up time between Maran and me. Clara found Maran’s free times, and Clara emailed me to find out which worked best. All I saw was the efficiency of the process—minimal emails back and forth, no worries about misreading someone’s availability, and no frustration with incorrect contact information.


Finally, after that interview, it was time to come in for an afternoon of interviews with the team.


Blocking off several hours for a sequence of interviews can be tough—I’ve exchanged quite a few emails with recruiters in the past trying to find some block of time that works. But the process was shockingly efficient at Clara Labs. I learned after joining that the team was testing a new tool, back-to-back coordination. So, Vanessa tried it out to arrange my five interviews with five of the busiest folks in the company. And my calendar was not pretty, either.


If you’ve ever gone through the job interview process, you’re probably familiar with the sinking sensation of saying “no” to the time offered. I know I have—and as the recruiter and I each had to keep saying no to one another over multiple back-and-forths, I grew more worried that this would reflect poorly on me as a candidate. Would the recruiter feel like I was being difficult? Was it even worth my time to see the interview through? Still, all it took on my end for this particular process? One quick email to share availability, and one more to confirm that the time suggested worked for me. With Clara, I never felt that sense of needing to drop everything in my life to carve out time for interviews—Clara worked with me to find options that worked, no matter how complicated my calendar was.


Having Clara schedule my interviews didn’t just make me feel great about the product—it made me feel valued as a candidate. Clara was quick to respond (no matter what time it was), clear and professional, and responsive to what did—and didn’t—work on my end. Instead stressing about last-minutes crises that could come up, I could focus on preparing for the interview. It took a pressure off that I didn’t know was there until I experienced it.


You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Start your own free trial of Clara today—trust me, your candidates will thank you.