For years, recruiters and hiring managers have depended on Clara as their 24/7 scheduling coordinator to help them connect with candidates swiftly and reliably. They know Clara will communicate professionally, stay responsive to their candidates, and handle any rescheduling requests that pop up.


In the intervening years, we’ve built Clara to go beyond supporting individuals, so that it can be a valuable part of an entire recruiting team’s workflow. And we’re integrating Clara into later stages of the candidate funnel, so recruiters can do even more with their coordinator.


We’re excited to unveil a feature that gives recruiters the ability to have Clara coordinate for others. Starting today, Clara can book that critical meeting when it’s time to introduce a candidate to an interviewer.


When an interviewer isn’t attentive to getting the meeting on the calendar, or when availabilities are unpredictable, recruiters often find themselves having to handle all the scheduling work: negotiating times, following up with reminders, and taking care of requests to reschedule. Now, Clara can take care of all that, while still keeping the recruiter in control and updated on the process.



Recruiters can get coordination support with an email


When a recruiter has Clara coordinate for others, he or she won’t actually be in the meeting. Clara will get the interviewer and candidate’s availability — without the interviewer having to create a Clara account — and make sure the interview gets booked. The recruiter will be able to track the status of the request in their own Clara dashboard.


Clara will continue to support more aspects of recruiting workflows, so that recruiters and hiring managers have coordination support that gets candidates through the process quickly. In addition to reliable efficiency, we’re giving teams actionable insights through real-time reporting that will become even more powerful as we integrate with popular applicant tracking systems. Throughout more and more stages of the journey, Clara will ensure candidates have a great experience: scheduling communication will always be clear, precise, and fast.


To improve your candidate pipeline velocity, let Clara be your recruiting coordinator. Contact us at and tell us about your hiring workflow. We’ll help you get set up.


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