Contributed by Tim Sackett. We’re thrilled to have this guest post from Tim Sackett. As we help teams bring smart technology into their candidate funnel, we’ve learned a lot from recruiting experts like him. Tim has spent decades testing new approaches and finding the best ways to build an efficient, impactful recruiting program.

Okay, take a deep breath, it’s going to be fine. Yes, a robot — run by artificial intelligence — will be taking some part of your job in the future if you’re a recruiter or sourcing professional.


But it’s going to be alright! I promise!


There are two camps currently in TA technology when it comes to A.I. The first camp is run by the TA technology companies themselves, and they’re saying, “Look, we’re selling technology that could quite possibly do a major part of someone’s job, but we can’t say this tech will take their job…it’s not good for business!”


The second camp is people like you and me. We’re in the weeds of recruiting and sourcing every day, and we’re intelligent enough to look at the tech and say, “Yikes! That is really cool, and it’s probably going to take my job!”


Where we should all be is a third camp that says, “Yep, this new A.I. enabled technology is awesome, because it takes the lame part of our jobs that’s mostly boring, and allows us to do super cool, super valuable stuff for our organizations, finally!”


I really like this third camp.


The challenge is we have no freaking idea what “super cool” and “super valuable” stuff our organizations need, or even what we are capable of doing, if we allow A.I. to do a lot of the administrative, tasky things we do on a daily basis. If we knew what the heck these things were, we would be all-in!


So, don’t fear, I’ve got some ideas to start us off on the right path. If you all of a sudden have extra capacity to add additional value to yourorganization, try doing some of these things:


  • Build out your employment brand. Okay, you already have an employment brand, but is it really everything it can be? Do you have an employee ambassador program? Do you have videos of your employees on your career site talking about your EB? Do you have hiring managers on video with your job descriptions, explaining why their job is the one for a candidate? Have you tied employment brand metrics to organizational success metrics? With some extra time, your company can become theemployer of choice in your market!


  • Start testing talent acquisition technology and new processes with hiring managers who have major pain points. We elevate our TA practice by continuing to test and improve what we do. When we get stuck doing the same things each day — most of which is administrative by nature — we never get better. We need to have a culture within our TA shop of constantly testing to get better results.

  • Build a measurable employee save strategy and run it. The best hire you’ll ever make is the hire you don’t have to make, because you helped keep a great employee from leaving. TA should own this because it has the most direct impact on the workload of TA! A save strategy is basically a process that goes into effect immediately anyone in the organization feels an employee is looking to leave. It might be triggered by a two-week notification, a conversation overheard in the break room, or maybe a manager’s one-on-one with an employee. The key is to get out in front of this as fast as possible, so having a playbook built is essential.


  • Build out your talentacquisition metrics dashboard. Time-to-fill is the worst metric in the history of talent acquisition. We are better than this! We should have great metrics that show the success of TA across your organization — metrics that are tied to organizational financial success. If you had time to really focus on this, you would be working with your finance and operations peers to build something awesome.


  • Guess what? Marketing works! It gets us to buy things all the time, and it works on candidates too! If you actually have the time to build the marketing machine and have someone run it, you can have a constant flow of great talent into your recruiting funnel.


I’m not scared of A.I.! In fact, I’m a little upset that it isn’t moving fast enough to really take over all of my recruiting administrative work. I’ve got great things that need to get done, and I need more capacity to make them happen. Come on tech companies, get to work!