You can listen to the interview at this link:


Harry asks Maran questions like:


1.) How did you come to found one of the hottest AI startups of the day in Clara Labs?


2.) What is the right way to think about a digital assistant? How do you think consumer expectations and behaviours will change towards them in the coming years?


3.) Question from Shivon @BloombergBeta: How do you think about building an AI company for the long term? How does Clara look to build scalable and transparent feedback loops?


4.) Why are you so bullish on the conversational interface? To what situation does this interface lend best? What other verticals and applications could this have in the future?


5.) Do you think that humans will always be needed in this process? At what stage will they become obsolete?


We hope you enjoy it. Maran had fun doing the interview.


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