We all know that scheduling eats up a ton of your time as a recruiter. According to a 2018 survey we conducted with Recruiting Daily, nearly 25 percent of recruiters said that they spend more than five hours of their week on scheduling. And scheduling back-to-back sequences of interviews with high-value candidates is one biggest—but most critically important—contributors to that.


Today, we’re excited to announce back-to-back coordination, a new feature designed to remedy one of the biggest pain points in the recruiting process—scheduling a series of interviews. Back-to-back coordination works across multiple calendars to quickly schedule a sequence of interviews while still letting you retain control of the candidate experience and interview structure. Let Clara handle scheduling and invitations—you can use your time to cultivate meaningful candidate relationships.


Schedule faster and more accurately

In just a few moments, Clara can search through each interviewer’s calendar to find the soonest options for getting the interview sequence booked. Even if there are multiple potential interviewers for each time period, it isn’t a problem. Clara can look at each calendar and make a recommendation based on whose schedule works best with the interview sequence.


After looking at potential interviewers, time slots, and any preferences you’ve set, Clara will show you some of the soonest options for getting the interview sequence booked. If there are any conflicts, Clara will show you those, too, so that you can decide when it makes sense to book over an existing meeting.



Scheduling that works how you want it to

Whether you prefer to use a template for different types of roles or want to make every interview custom, Clara works with your workflow. For each interview sequence, you can control:

  • The duration of each interview within the sequence
  • The people who could conduct each interview within the sequence
  • The number of people who should be scheduled to conduct each interview (e.g., if you need two interviewers to determine cultural fit but only one for a technical interview)


You can also tell Clara which interviews need to be pinned in a certain position (e.g., “Meet and greet with recruiter” should always been the first interview) or set to a certain time of day (e.g., “Lunch with the team” is always at 12:30 p.m.). Need to make one-time changes to a template? Not a problem. And if you prefer, you can choose not to use templates at all, creating custom sequences for each candidate.


From phone screens to hiring manager interviews and, now, back-to-back coordination, Clara offers recruiting teams full-service scheduling support for every part of the candidate funnel. Clara also works with the tools your team is already using—we integrate with Greenhouse, Zoom, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Lever.


If your team is growing, Clara can help manage your scheduling. Want to learn more? Visit claralabs.com or sign up for your free trial today.