Growing your engineering team?


It’s a challenge to attract top talent, and the last thing you want to do when you’ve found the right person is lose them to a messy interview process. That’s why it’s more important than ever to give every candidate a seamless experience. With technical interviews, that includes making sure your live coding exercises are easy to schedule and access.


We’re excited to announce that Clara now integrates with CoderPad. Just as Clara seamlessly adds call and conference line details to calendar invites, now it can also dynamically add CoderPad links. Just copy Clara on your email with the details, and it will quickly schedule time with for your interview. It’s now easier than ever for recruiters to set up technical interviews with candidates.


Schedule technical interviews quickly and easily

If your organization uses CoderPad during technical interviews, it’s easy to add it to your meetings. First, talk to your Clara administrator—they can add your CoderPad API key on the “Integrations” page. As soon as it’s added, your team can start including CoderPad links on calendar invitations right away. If you’ve used our Zoom and Google Meet integrations before, it works very similarly.


To schedule your meeting, just:

  • Go to the “Calls & virtual” page on your Clara dashboard.
  • Select “Add contact details.” Under “Channel type,” you’ll be able to select CoderPad as an option.
  • When you’re scheduling a technical interview with a candidate, tell Clara to add a CoderPad link.
  • Join the meeting from the CoderPad link in your meeting invite and log in with your CoderPad account (no need for your candidate to create a CoderPad account!).



Scheduling made simple across the full candidate funnel

If your team is growing, Clara is here to help. Clara offers full-funnel scheduling support for busy recruiting teams, no matter what department is hiring. From phone screens to hiring manager interviews and back-to-back coordination for on-site interviews, Clara can schedule at every part of the candidate funnel. Clara also integrates with the tools you’re already using—Greenhouse, Zoom, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Lever.

Let Clara help your team grow. Visit or sign up for your free trial today.