So you’ve signed up to be a Clara customer and are ready to get started. Welcome! We designed onboarding to be helpful and efficient, just like Clara.


Listen (or read the transcript) below to learn more about getting started with Clara.



Hi. Welcome to Clara. We’re here to take the work out of interview scheduling. Just copy Clara from your inbox or ATS and Clara will take care of candidate availability, calendar invitations, and follow-ups.


We know you’re busy, so learning to use Clara takes less than an hour. Bring your laptop to the onboarding session, and you’ll set up your preferences, learn how to talk to Clara, and schedule your first meeting. Come ready to learn, and see how a 45-minute investment now gets you 5 hours back every week.


Since Clara schedules at every stage of the candidate funnel, it may sound complicated. But there’s one answer to most questions—just tell Clara. Clara interprets your email to schedule the right meeting, and will ask you about anything needing clarification.


Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you soon!



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