New Clara Feature: Custom Event Descriptions


At Clara we’re very familiar with “meeting purgatory”: the 10 minutes between the scheduled meeting start time and the actual start time. Meeting Purgatory is the product of dozens of common meeting failure modes, ranging from not knowing where to park your car, to technical issues with video conferencing software, to getting lost in someone’s office building, etc.


Our customers depend on Clara to save them from this classical professional ailment, among many others. Today, we’re pushing a feature that focuses on leveraging detailed Event Descriptions as a meeting purgatory savior: making sure Clara equips you and your guest with everything you need to start meetings without headache and on-time.


Clara can gather your meeting guest’s phone number for any type of meeting.


Vignette 1: The Coffee Meeting


You arrive at the new crowded cafe downtown, and nervously walk around scanning through faces to see if anyone else is awkwardly searching for the person they’re meeting with. You ask a couple people “are you Ralph, I’m John?” and get a mean stare and a no from each person. Fortunately Clara added Ralph’s phone number to the event on your calendar, so you can now just pull up your calendar, tap on the event for this meeting, and give Ralph a quick call. Turns out he was still looking for parking.


Vignette 2: The Engineering Onsite Interview


It’s 7 minutes past the start time of Alyssa’s engineering interview, and you’re sitting in the conference room anxiously wondering where she is. Did something happen to her? Is she lost somewhere in your forty-floor office building? Fortunately, Clara added her phone number to the meeting’s event description — so you give her a quick call. She answers! It turns out she went to the thirteenth floor instead of the thirtieth floor. You help her find her way to the conference room and she nails the interview.


How does it work?


Just tell Clara which meetings you want to gather phone numbers for (“Clara, can you add participant phone number to the calendar event description for all in-person meetings?”), and you’re good to go. As soon as Clara knows your preference, Clara will start to modify the language to subtly ask for phone numbers as part of the scheduling dialogue — for example:


“Also, what’s the best number for Michael to reach you? I’ll add it to the calendar event description for reference.”


If Clara already has access to this person’s phone number, or it’s somewhere in their signature, Clara will just politely confirm it’s the best number to reach them at:


“Also, is 281–330–8004 the best number to reach you? I’ll add it to the calendar event description for reference.”


When the invitation for the scheduled meeting goes out, the event will look like this:




Clara can add custom details to your event descriptions



Vignette 1: The delighted sales prospect


Corinne leads an analytics team at a fast growing consumer internet company in Asia. Your drip campaign successfully converted her from a lead into an opportunity, and Clara scheduled a qualification call with her that starts in a few minutes. Corinne is writing a massive SQL query to measure user engagement with the latest feature release, and could easily show up late and frustrated to the call. Luckily, your calendar invitation makes it easy on her: the notification pops up on her desktop, she clicks through to a list of conference line dial-ins and connects straight through. “Great, no last-minute number hunt,” she thinks, “and international options too!”


Vignette 2: The nervous candidate


Ivan loves your company. He raves about the newest product features and your engineering culture. His interview starts in a few minutes, but when he gets to your office, he stares blankly at the keypad next to your door. Thankfully, Clara knows about your gate code and adds it to meetings at your office. Ivan punches the code in and nails his interviews.


How does it work?


To activate this feature, simply let Clara know what you’d like your event descriptions to say for your different preferred meeting locations and virtual options!


These event descriptions trigger based off your preferred meeting locations or your preferred virtual meeting options. That means you can have different helpful text for meetings at your office, meetings at your favorite coffee spot, meetings on your conference line, etc.


Here’s an example of what it would look like on the event:



(screenshot from the iOS Outlook calendar app)




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Stay tuned for a number of feature launches just like this one over the coming months! If you’d like to try Clara, you can start a free fourteen day trial today!