Small, growing companies know how critical every hire is. They can’t lose top talent during this disorganized, fast-paced, and resource-light stage of growth. But when you don’t have an internal recruiter or a coordinator, it’s easy to accidentally drop the ball and leave your candidates stuck in a long, confusing interview journey.


That’s why we’re launching a recruiting package for growing startups, with the tools and features that will make their candidate funnel seamless. When startups rely on Clara to build their team, they can make every candidate feel cared for.


Now, for only $500 a month, companies with 25 employees or fewer can get Clara’s scheduling support for their entire candidate funnel. To get started with a free 2-week trial, contact us at


We’re already supporting hundreds of startups who want to show candidates they’re serious about building a world-class team. Thomas Smyth, founder and CEO of Trim, explains “We’ve used Clara for a while at Trim, and with our new need to hire quickly, it became even more important to get help with recruiting. Clara takes admin work off our plates so we can rapidly hire world-class talent at Trim.”


Schedule interviews seamlessly


Clara coordinates scheduling via email and automatically sends interview reminders, so the process doesn’t slow down with no-shows. If your candidate needs to reschedule, Clara will handle it. And Clara can use your team’s conference room and web-conferencing systems to ensure every conversation starts without fuss.



Bring Clara into your team


Clara can be customized on your domain ( so that it represents your company to candidates. And Clara will use your teammates’ custom preferences to complete scheduling requests, so they can have coffee meetings where they like, and phone screens that are always scheduled for the right amount of time.


Track your candidate pipeline


You can bring the same analytic rigor to your candidate pipeline that you do to your growing business. Clara’s real-time reporting tracks candidate progress and shows you at a glance where interviews get blocked. And it works with your ATS, so you can maintain a comprehensive record of interviews and scheduling communication.


Track your candidate pipeline


Our team will onboard you one-on-one, and make sure your team knows how to get the most out of using Clara throughout your candidate funnel. To get started, contact us at