Hiring requires a tremendous amount of schedule coordination. Recruiters devote time and focus to comparing availabilities, making sure interviewers have the information they need, and triple-checking the details they send to candidates. Every piece needs to be right. And timeliness is key in showing a candidate that you’re interested.

That’s why Clara is so valuable for growing teams. And it’s why we’ve built features and integrations to make using Clara seamless for recruiters and hiring managers. Our weekly interview volume has increased 10x since the beginning of the year. But of course, we’re just getting started.


We’re excited to share that Clara integrates with Lever.


Lever’s Talent Acquisition Suite combines powerful ATS and CRM functionality with rich analytics for teams to collaboratively source talent, nurture and manage candidates in one place.

We’re eager to work with teams using Lever to track candidate information and interviewer feedback. Now, they can use Clara and keep scheduling information right in the candidate’s profile.


  • Get help from Clara right from an email template—We’ll help your team build Lever email templates that bring in Clara, so it can handle all your schedule coordination.
  • Clara will sync every confirmed interview in the candidate’s Lever profile—Clara will know interviewer availability and email the candidate to get theirs. Once an interview is scheduled, all the details appear in Lever.
  • Interviewers will have the right feedback form for each interview—When Clara sends calendar invitations to interviewers, it will always include a link to the feedback form in Lever, so it’s easy for them to provide candidate feedback.

Using Clara will ensure all scheduling communication is timely, clear, and professional. And it saves recruiters hours every week—time they can spend getting to know candidates and understanding hiring managers’ needs. Here’s what Jared Stone, Head of HR at Bitcoin.com, has to say about using Clara:


Operating a lean HR organization, we can remain nimble, efficient, and provide a stellar candidate experience by allowing Clara to handle all of the scheduling coordination. As a result, I can turn my attention to helping our hiring managers define their needs and hire the best talent for our organization. By integrating Clara + Lever, we are confident that we have the best-in-class technology to tackle the challenge of scheduling without any issues. This next-gen technology is to not only Human Resources coordination, but business in general.


If your team is growing, you can use Clara throughout your candidate funnel to handle all your schedule coordination. And if your team has fewer than 25 people, we can give you a discount with our startup package! No matter how big your team is, learn more at www.claralabs.com or reach out to us at sales@claralabs.com and we’ll set you up with a free trial.