Hundreds of companies depend on Clara every day to help them better manage their busy work weeks. Clara’s support is simple: just CC Clara when you need to schedule a meeting with a candidate, sales lead, colleague, or client.



Here are a few examples of what customers say to Clara and how Clara responds:


Customer: Hi Clara, Nice to meet you! I’m looking forward to working with you.
Clara: Hi Anne, I just received your first Clara email — this is a big moment! I’m on the case, and will respond shortly. Feel free to email me if you ever want to review or change your meeting preferences, ask a question, or give feedback.”


Customer: Clara, Thursdays are my meeting-free days. Please don’t schedule any meetings on that day.
Clara: Hi Anne, I have blocked off your Thursdays to be meeting-free. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.


Customer: It would be really helpful to hash this all out next week in person. When are you available, Steve? Clara will help us find time.
Clara: Hi Steve, I’d love to get a coffee on the calendar for you and Anne. Are you available to meet at Peet’s Coffee at 323 4th Street, San Francisco on Friday (July 8th) at 2pm PST? Let me know and I’ll send a meeting invite.
Clara: Hi Anne, I just sent a calendar invite with details. I’ve included Steve’s phone number in the invite. Have a wonderful evening!


Customer: Sorry! I am not going to make it into the office today. Down with a terrible cold. Clara, please reschedule my meetings
Clara: Hi Anne, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m working to reschedule your meetings and will get back to you shortly.
Clara: Hi Anne, I’ve rescheduled all your meetings to next week. I hope you feel better soon!


Customer: Clara, need to pick up kids from Soccer practice on Tuesday evenings @ 5.30pm. Please DNS any meetings from 5–6pm on Tuesdays.
Clara: Hi Anne, I have blocked off all Tuesdays from 5–6pm. Would you like me to end this at a certain date? Have a great day!


Clara combines the conversational intelligence and social etiquette you would expect from a personal assistant with the high levels of accuracy and “always-on” nature of a machine. Clara owes these super-human abilities to its hybrid human-machine backend — we refer to it as “Human in the Loop.” “Human in the Loop” means a global workforce of very smart remote assistants support Clara’s machine automation, resulting in a service that is more responsive to and considerate of your meeting attendees than you would be able to manage on your own.


Once people start using Clara, they are amazed at how much time they save and how much of their time is now available to do the things they love. Clara receives not only notes of appreciation but sometimes flowers and chocolates too! Here are a few notes that Clara received from grateful customers:


“That was handled very well, Clara. Thank you!”
“You rock Clara bear!”
“Meet Clara. She is the “purveyor of sanity” here — she schedules all our meetings ;-)”
“Oh! I’m really such a big Clara fan. So grateful for my favorite employee. Shhhhhh… don’t tell others!”
“I love my new AI scheduler so much that I want to send her flowers!”


It really is that easy. CC Clara and get back to the things you love.